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Comer, John Baker


1814–after 19 Nov. 1867. Farmer, carpenter. Born in Ohio. Son of John Comer and Mary Baker. Lived in Daviess Co., Missouri, by 1837. With two others, attempted to illegally transport state firearms from Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri, to arm mob in Daviess Co. for use against Latter-day Saints. Apprehended in Caldwell Co., Missouri, by William Allred and others. Released by order of circuit judge Austin A. King, Sept. 1838. Participated in massacre at Hawn’s Mill, Caldwell Co., 30 Oct. 1838. Daviess Co. deputy sheriff, 1839, 1852. Married Ann Caroline Estes of Kentucky, 23 Jan. 1848, in Daviess Co. Lived in Ray Co., by 1867.