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Cleminson (Clemenson), John James


28 Dec. 1798–28 Nov. 1879. Farmer, teacher, cabinet maker, carpenter, clerk. Born at Lancaster, Lancashire, England. Migrated to St. John’s, New Brunswick (later in Canada), 1812. Moved to Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Moved to Lexington, Lillard Co., Missouri, by 1823. Married Lydia Lightner, 5 Jan. 1823, at Lillard Co., Missouri. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and moved to Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, by 1837. Elected Caldwell Co. clerk and circuit clerk, 1837. Testified for prosecution at hearing in Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri, Nov. 1838. Moved to Rockport, Caldwell Co., by June 1840. Lived at Montrose, Lee Co., Iowa Territory, by Mar. 1842. Wrote to JS seeking reconciliation, May 1842. Ordained a high priest, by 31 Jan. 1846. Lived at San Diego Co., California, 1852. Moved to San Bernardino, Los Angeles Co., California, 1852. By June 1860, lived at El Monte, Los Angeles Co., where he died.