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Bierce, Lucius Verus


4 Aug. 1801–11 Nov. 1876. Lawyer, military general, politician. Born at Cornwall, Litchfield Co., Connecticut. Son of William Bierce and Abigail Bell. Moved to Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio, ca. 1816; to Athens, Athens Co., Ohio, 1817; to Lancaster, Lancaster Co., South Carolina, 1822; to Limestone Co., Alabama, 1823; and to Ravenna, Portage Co., 1823. District attorney, 1825–1836, and county prosecuting attorney, 1829–1839, in Portage Co. Became Master Mason, 12 Oct. 1826, in Ravenna. Married first Frances C. Peck, 1836, in Ohio. Lived in Akron, Portage Co., beginning 1836. Brigadier general in Ohio militia, 1837. Commander in chief of Patriot army during Patriot War in Upper Canada, 1837–1839. Akron mayor, 1839, 1841, 1844, 1849, 1867, 1868. Married second Sophronia Ladd, 1 Jan. 1840, in Portage Co. Master of Masonic lodge; and Grand Master of Ohio Masons, 1853. Ohio state senator, 1862–1864. Served in Civil War, ca. 1861–1865. Died at Akron.