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Nickerson, Moses Chapman


9 Mar. 1804–4 Mar. 1871. Tinsmith, merchant, farmer. Born at Cavendish, Windsor Co., Vermont. Son of Freeman Nickerson and Huldah Chapman. Moved to Mount Pleasant, Brantford Township, Wentworth Co. (later Brant Co.), Gore District (later in Ontario), Upper Canada, 1831. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by JS, 27 Oct. 1833, at Mount Pleasant. Married widow Mary Boss Colver, 10 Feb. 1834, in Norfolk Co., Upper Canada. Moved to Colborne, Norfolk Co., 1834. Moved to Missouri, fall 1837. Expelled from Missouri and relocated to Port Dover, Norfolk Co., early 1839. Moved to New York, by fall 1839. Moved to Iowa Territory, by Apr. 1841. Appointed counselor to John Smith in presidency of stake in Iowa Territory, 24 Apr. 1841. Appointed quartermaster sergeant in Nauvoo Legion, 1 May 1841. Returned to Norfolk Co., by Dec. 1842. Lived at Woodhouse, Norfolk Co., 1851, listing himself as Methodist. Baptized into Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1862. Died in Jackson Co., Missouri.