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Pope, Nathaniel


5 Jan. 1784–22 Jan. 1850. Lawyer, judge. Born at present-day Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Son of William Pope and Penelope Edwards. Graduated from Transylvania University, 1806, at Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky. Moved to St. Genevieve, St. Genevieve District, Louisiana Territory (later in St. Genevieve Co., Missouri). Married Lucretia Backus, 1808. Moved to Kaskaskia, Randolph Co., Illinois Territory, 1809. Served as secretary of Illinois Territory, 7 Mar. 1809–17 Dec. 1816; as territorial delegate to U.S. Congress, 18 Dec. 1817–4 Dec. 1818; and as register of land office at Edwardsville, Madison Co., Illinois Territory, 30 Nov. 1818–3 Mar. 1819. Labored to have Illinois Territory admitted as a state, 1818. Served as U.S. district judge for Illinois, 1819–1850. Presided over JS’s habeas corpus hearing, Jan. 1843, in Springfield. Moved to Alton, Madison Co., by 1845. Died at St. Louis.