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King, Thomas C.


25 July 1806–17 Apr. 1854. Merchant. Born in Virginia. Lived at Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, by Jan. 1832. Served as constable, beginning Aug. 1835. Married Juliett Ann McDade, 9 June 1836, in Adams Co. Served as Adams Co. coroner, by Aug. 1836. Served as fireman, by 1839, at Quincy. Member of Bodley Masonic lodge in Quincy, 1840. Served as undersheriff of Quincy, Aug. 1840. Listed as Junior Warden in Bodley lodge, 3 June 1842. With Edward Ford and James Pitman, attempted to arrest JS for complicity in attempt to kill former Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs, 8 Aug. 1842, in Nauvoo. Died at Quincy.