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Fort Leavenworth, unorganized U.S. territory (now in Leavenworth Co., Kansas)


Situated on bluff west of Missouri River, about twenty-five miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri. Area first explored by Spaniards, 1540. Area acquired by U.S. in Louisiana Purchase, 1803. Settled first as Cantonment Leavenworth by U.S. Army colonel Henry Leavenworth, 8 May 1827. Name changed to Fort Leavenworth, 8 Feb. 1832. Jonathan Dunham began sporadic missionary work among American Indians living near fort, 1840. Outfitting post for U.S. Army during Mexican-American War. Mormon Battalion outfitted at fort, Aug. 1846.


unorganized U.S. territory (now in Kansas)
United States of America