Harmony Township (now in Oakland Township)
Luzerne County (now Susquehanna County)
United States of America

Hale farm, Harmony Township, Pennsylvania


Located near Susquehanna River about three miles southwest of village of Harmony (now defunct). Farm purchased by Isaac Hale, ca. 1790. Birthplace of Emma Hale Smith, 10 July 1804. While employed by Josiah Stowell, JS boarded with Hale family on farm, fall 1825. Farm was periodic residence of JS and Emma, Dec. 1827–Aug. 1830. JS and Emma’s son Alvin born on farm, 15 June 1828; infant died same day and was buried there. Thirteen-plus acres of farm sold by Isaac Hale to JS for two hundred dollars, 6 Apr. 1829. Large portion of Book of Mormon translated on farm, Apr.–June 1829. JS also dictated numerous revelations and first chapter of Book of Moses on farm. JS portion of original Hale farm sold to Joseph McKune for three hundred dollars, 28 June 1833. See also “.”