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Kaw Township, Missouri


Settlement by whites commenced after treaty with Osage Indians, 1825. One of three original townships organized in Jackson Co., 22 May 1827. Bordered by Missouri River on north side and Big Blue River on east and south sides; western boundary was state line, bordering unorganized U.S. territory. Named for both Kaw River (now Kansas River) and local Indian band. In 1828 election for state governor, twenty-nine males in township cast votes. Latter-day Saint missionaries to American Indians arrived in township, by Jan 1831. JS and Colesville Saints arrived in township, July 1831. JS directed Saints to purchase land in area. While in township, Sidney Rigdon dedicated Missouri as Zion, 2 Aug. 1831, and Bishop Edward Partridge began purchasing land. Most Saints in Missouri lived in small settlements within township, 1831–1833. Latter-day Saint population by late 1832 about 680. Saints expelled from area into Clay and other counties, Nov. 1833.


Kaw Township
Jackson County
United States of America