Kirtland, City of Revelation: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast

Series host Spencer W. McBride, PhD, interviews historians in a documentary-style podcast about the way men and women flocked to Kirtland in the 1830s to hear the voice of God through the prophet Joseph Smith. The episodes consider Kirtland as a site of abundant revelation and the place where church leaders organized much of the church. The episodes also illuminate how Joseph Smith was intent on teaching church members in Kirtland how to hear the voice of God themselves.

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The Priesthood Restored podcast is produced in cooperation with the Latter-day Saint Channel.

Host: Spencer McBride

Audio Engineer: Curt Dahl

Executive Producer: Spencer McBride

Producer: Curt Dahl

Research Assistants: Brokke Jurges

Production Coordinator: Matthew Mangum

Cover Art: “Glorious Light – Kirtland Temple” by Glen Hopkinson (

Editors: Angela Thompson

Web Team: Christopher Clark, Jake Duncan, Jim McKenna, Connor Monson, Michael Smith, Jon Thorup, DJ Christensen, Nick Faber, Andres Martinez