Part 4: 12 April–3 July 1840

From mid-April to early July 1840, JS focused on several aspects of business. During this period, some of the proselytizing in the and wrote to JS with questions about publishing new editions of the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the church hymnal. JS sanctioned such projects as long as copyrights were obtained in his name. Apostles sent him other letters that dealt with the emigration of English church members and reported on the church’s growth in . In addition, JS issued an order allowing an unknown individual, presumably an impoverished church member, to obtain goods or money out of a store in the , Illinois, area established by and run by . JS also issued to individuals who had been to offices, performed the marriage of his sister to , and received and answered correspondence from Saints outside of Nauvoo.
Years earlier, JS and his counselors in the had become indebted to several merchants who sold goods to the church. JS authorized —who had previously dealt with debts accrued in , Ohio—to transact financial business on behalf of church leaders, especially to pay off debts. Granger departed the area soon after 29 April 1840, carrying with him an agreement assigning him all of the First Presidency’s debts in New York and .
JS spent much of this time helping develop . His efforts included making payments on debts that church leaders owed for land purchased in the region as well as overseeing the sale of land to the Saints. JS’s role in urban development consumed enough of his time that he asked the to relieve him of the responsibility of supervising land sales so he could concentrate more on the spiritual welfare of the Saints and the development of the church. In response, the Nauvoo high council appointed to assist JS but retained JS as the treasurer of land sales.
This part contains nineteen documents, primarily consisting of correspondence to and from JS but also including licenses, minutes, and financial records. The documents were produced mainly in the area, although some are letters written from , , and .
  1. 1

    Letter from Brigham Young, 29 Apr. 1840; Letter from Orson Hyde and John E. Page, 1 May 1840; Letter from Brigham Young, 7 May 1840.  

  2. 2

    Letter to Orson Hyde and John E. Page, 14 May 1840.  

  3. 3

    Letter from Brigham Young, 7 May 1840; Letter from Heber C. Kimball and Others, 25 May 1840.  

  4. 4

    Pay Order to Oliver Granger, 15 Apr. 1840.  

  5. 5

    License for Hosea Stout, 20 Apr. 1840; Marriage License for Arthur Millikin and Lucy Smith with JS Certificate, 3 June 1840; Letter from Richard Hewitt, 24 May 1840; Letter to Frederick Kesler, 2 July 1840.  

  6. 6

    Agreement with Oliver Granger, 29 Apr. 1840; Historical Introduction to Letter to Oliver Granger, between ca. 22 and ca. 28 July 1840.  

  7. 7

    Receipt from William White, 23 Apr. 1840; Memorial to Nauvoo High Council, 18 June 1840.  

  8. 8

    Memorial to Nauvoo High Council, 18 June 1840; Minutes, 20 June 1840; Minutes, 27 June 1840; Minutes, 3 July 1840.