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England, United Kingdom


Island nation consisting of southern portion of Great Britain and surrounding smaller islands. Bounded on north by Scotland and on west by Wales. Became province of Roman Empire, first century. Ruled by Romans, through 447. Ruled by Picts, Scots, and Saxons, through 860. Ruled by Danes, through 1066. Conquered by William of Normandy, in 1066, and subsequently ruled almost exclusively by successive line of kings and queens. Magna Carta provided citizens with foundation for political and personal liberty, 1215. First parliament convened, 1295. Capital city, London. Ruled by Queen Victoria, 1837–1901. Nation consisted of forty counties, 1843. Population in 1801 about 8,300,000; in 1831 about 13,000,000; and in 1841 about 15,000,000. JS appointed first Latter-day Saint missionaries to go to England, early June 1837; seven elders arrived in Liverpool, 19 July 1837. Latter-day Saint population in Apr. 1838 about 1,500. Latter-day Saint population in Apr. 1841 about 5,800.