Part 4: 1 October–30 November 1841

In October and November 1841, JS continued communicating with creditor and in the eastern regarding debt payments on land purchased from Hotchkiss and his partners. Other featured letters concern missionary work, business matters, or ecclesiastical instruction. , the only remaining in after the mission of the Quorum of the Twelve concluded, reported on the growth of the church there and pledged donations for the in , Illinois.
At the October , JS taught more about for the dead and declared the performance of the would be temporarily halted until the baptismal font in the was complete. The conference also replaced deceased church officials and discussed the gathering of the Saints to . Because of the death of church agent , JS transferred Granger’s power of attorney to in October.
Continuing confusion about whether church members living in , Ohio, were obligated to gather to prompted a letter from in October and another letter from Kirtland church leaders in November. By fall 1841, theft by church members and mounting accusations of church leaders’ encouragement of that theft led JS and to publish affidavits in the Times and Seasons condemning any illegal activity. Several members of the church were disciplined for theft, and members of the were expelled from the legion for the same reason. By the end of November, measures had been taken to purge illegal activity, new negotiations were under way to settle outstanding debts to with a specific property in , and the baptismal font in the basement of the Nauvoo was dedicated. The first baptism for the dead was performed in this new font by on 8 November, the same day the font was dedicated.
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