Pleas and Account, circa 23 May 1844 [JS et al. v. C. B. Street and M. B. Street]

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and character of said boat was entirely ruined and destroyed by means of said encumberances so that defendants could not procure freight to be shipped on board of said boat so that she was rendered wholy useless and of no value to defendants C B & M B Streets and so defendants say the consideration of said notes has wholy failed & this they are ready to verify wherefore they pray Judgement & c
Morrison & Grover
<​3.​> And for further plea as to the 4 first counts of said decleration defendants say that that the notes in said counts mentioned wre given in past consideration of 5/6 of a steam boat sold by plaintiffs <​and said ​> to defendants C B & M B Street and that and that upon the sale of said enterest in said boat said plaintiff and said falsley and fraudulently represented said boat to be free from all encumbrance and in good reput and credit when in truth and in fact said Boat was encumberd by debts which were a lien upon the same and defendants <​C B & M B Streets​> were foorced to pay of and discharge the the same amounting to a large sum of money to wit to the sum of $1200. and were hinderd and detained from prosecuting their voyages or trips with said steam boat by means of said encumbrances for a long space of time to wit for the space of two months and the reputation of said boat was good but on the contrary [p. [2]]
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