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Cole, Joseph M.


19 Apr. 1806–29 Oct. 1858. Teacher, farmer. Born in New York. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and ordained an elder, by 1836. Moved to Illinois, ca. 1842. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, by 1843. Appointed recorder for baptisms of the dead, 30 July 1843, in Nauvoo. Taught “Nauvoo Seminary” with daughter Adelia, 1843–1844. Appointed to serve mission to Pennsylvania, 15 Apr. 1844. Married Eliza James, 21 May 1844, in Nauvoo. Appointed clerk of high council, 1 June 1844, in Nauvoo. Left church, by 1845. Nominated Sidney Rigdon as president of Church of Christ and appointed an apostle, Apr. 1845, in Pittsburgh. Moved near Indianola, Shawnee Co., Kansas Territory, May 1855. Elected militia captain, 1856, at Indianola. Died in Shawnee Co. Buried in Rochester Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee Co.