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Aldrich, Mark


22 Jan. 1802–21 Sept. 1873. Furrier, postmaster, land developer, merchant, politician. Born in Washington Co. (later in Warren Co.), New York. Son of Artemas Aldrich and Huldah Chamberlain. Moved to Hadley Township, Saratoga Co., New York, by Aug. 1810. Moved to Luzerne Township, Warren Co., by Aug. 1820. Married Margaret Wilkinson, 1829. Moved to St. Louis, 1829; to Point, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa Territory), 2 July 1829; and to Fort Edwards (later in Warsaw), Hancock Co., Illinois, 1832. Served as first postmaster of Warsaw, 1834–1838. Elected Hancock Co. representative in Illinois legislature, 1836, 1838. Implicated in murder of JS, 1844. Moved to California, 1850; to Tucson, Doña Ana Co., New Mexico Territory (later in Arizona), 1855. Served in council of Arizona territorial legislature, 1864, 1866, and 1873. Died in Tucson.