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Badham, Richard


25 Nov. 1793–after 9 May 1846. Farmer. Born in Herefordshire, England. Son of Abraham Badham. Married Hannah Nott, 3 June 1822, in Bosbury, Herefordshire. Emigrated with his wife and daughter from Liverpool, Lancashire, England, 8 Nov. 1841; arrived in New Orleans, 14 Jan. 1842. Purchased eighty acres of land in Hancock Co., Illinois, from John and Jane Holmes Benbow, 30 May 1842. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 15 June 1843; likely was originally baptized prior to emigration. Robbed and stabbed in his home, 11 Dec. 1843. Ordained a seventy, 1844. Sold property in Hancock Co., 9 May 1846.