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Peniston, William P.


Ca. 1811–10 Nov. 1850. Sheriff, military colonel, clerk, hotelier. Born at Jessamine Co., Kentucky. Son of Robert Peniston and Nancy Nuttle. Moved to Ray Co., Missouri, ca. 1831. A founder of Millport, in what became Daviess Co., Missouri, where family built mill, ca. 1832. Married Mary P. Walls, Jan. 1833, at Jessamine Co. Appointed deputy sheriff for Daviess Co., 1837, 1839, and sheriff, 1840. Candidate for Missouri legislature, 1838. Colonel in Missouri state militia. Tried to prevent Latter-day Saints from voting at Gallatin, Daviess Co., 6 Aug. 1838, which precipitated a riot. Lived in Gallatin, 1840. Moved to Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California, 1850. Died at Sacramento.