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Grand River


Flows from current state of Iowa approximately 225 miles southeast through Daviess and Livingston counties in Missouri en route to its mouth at Missouri River near De Witt, Missouri. Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West, Hawn’s Mill, Whitney’s Mill, Myers settlement, and De Witt were all located within thirty-five miles of this river. Grand River valley described in 1837 as “fertile, well-timbered country that is beginning to attract emigrants, and is now settling very fast.” Lyman Wight purchased cabin along river near future site of Adam-ondi-Ahman, by Feb. 1838. JS and others surveyed land near river for future Latter-day Saint settlement, May 1838. River described in 1839 as “navigable for small vessels.” However, farming along river caused heavy silting, making navigation increasingly difficult, and by 1870, navigation in Daviess Co. had entirely ceased. See also “.”


United States of America