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Manchester Township, New York


Settled 1793. Formed as Burt Township when divided from Farmington Township, 31 Mar. 1821. Name changed to Manchester, 16 Apr. 1822. Included village of Manchester. Population in 1825 about 2,700. Population in 1830 about 2,800. JS reported first vision of Deity in grove of trees near his home, 1820, near border of Palmyra and Manchester townships. Home of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith family, spring 1825–1829. JS and Emma Smith lived in Smith home as newlyweds, 1827. JS reported learning of gold plates buried in hill in township and visited site, now known as Hill Cumorah, annually, 1823–1827. JS reported obtaining plates, 22 Sept. 1827. JS may have also dictated at least one revelation in township. See also “.”


Photograph, Steve Mortensen. (© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Smith Family Farm, Manchester Township, NY Photograph, Steve Mortensen. (© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Manchester Township
Ontario County
New York
United States of America