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Republic of Texas


France established colony in area, 1685. First Spanish settlement created, 1718. After Mexican War of Independence from Spain, 1821, area became part of Mexico and immigration increased. Conflict between Mexican government and Texian residents resulted in Texas Revolution, beginning 2 Oct. 1835. Texian residents declared independence from Mexico and established Republic of Texas, 2 Mar. 1836. Population in 1820s about 3,300. Population in 1836 about 53,000. Population in 1847 about 140,000. Lyman Wight and George Miller proposed emigration of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members to Texas, Feb. 1844. JS signed memorials to U.S. president and Congress, 1844, urging protection of Americans migrating to western regions of North America. Council of Fifty sent Lucien Woodworth to negotiate with Sam Houston for land to establish Latter-day Saint colony in area, Mar. 1844. Following death of JS, June 1844, Wight led 150 Saints to settle in Texas. Texas annexed by United States as twenty-eighth state, 29 Dec. 1845.


Republic of Texas (now state)
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