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Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mexico


Located in north-central New Mexico on Santa Fe River, about sixty miles northeast of Albuquerque. Area originally inhabited by Pueblo Indians. First occupied by Spaniards, 1583. Mission of San Lorenzo de Tesuque established, early 1600s. Town founded based on mission boundaries, 1609. Made capital of Spanish province Santa Fe de Nuevo México, 1610. Became part of Mexico when Mexico received independence from Spain, 27 Sept. 1821. Became part of U.S. when New Mexico was ceded in Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848. Population in 1850 about 4,800. Council of Fifty discussed possibly sending expeditionary force through or to city, 1844–1845. Mormon Battalion camped in city en route from Fort Leavenworth, unorganized U.S. territory, to San Diego, 9–19 Oct. 1846.


Santa Fe
New Mexico
Mexico (now in United States)