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Temple lot, Blue Township, Missouri


JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, directed temple to be built short distance west of courthouse on hill just outside of Independence, Missouri. JS directed dedication of temple site by Sidney Rigdon, 3 Aug. 1831. On same date, church claimed site for eventual purchase, and JS laid corner-marking stone. Jones Flournoy purchased 160 acres, including spot for temple, 12 Dec. 1831. Bishop Edward Partridge purchased 63-acre parcel of Flournoy’s land, including site for temple, 19 Dec. 1831. JS’s plat for city of Zion centered on temple lot. However, expulsion of Saints from Jackson Co., Nov. 1833, prevented construction of temple. JS revelation, dated 19 Jan. 1841, released Saints from obligation to build temple in Jackson Co. due to persecution. Property for temple sold with approval of Brigham Young and other apostles, 5 May 1848. See also “.”


Blue Township
Jackson County
United States of America