Law, the


Principles given to the church and its members in February 1831 revelations. In January 1831, a revelation promised the saints in New York that the law would be given after they gathered in Ohio. Once in Ohio, on 9 and 23 February 1831, JS dictated two revelations to the elders of the church, together known as the “Laws of the Church of Christ” and referred to in subsequent revelations as “the Law.” These revelations gave instruction on the preaching of the gospel, the gathering of the saints, economic organization, authority and church governance, and the church’s moral code. Members were commanded to “hearken and hear and obey the law.” In May 1831, a revelation instructed Bishop Edward Partridge and other church leaders to act according to the law when directing the affairs of the church and its members. Throughout 1831 and 1832, additional revelatory texts were added to the Law.


Alternate Names
The Law