University of the City of Nauvoo, February–November 1841

The Nauvoo charter authorized the city council to “organize an institution of learning within the limits of the city, for the teaching of the Arts, Sciences, and Learned Professions, to be called the ‘University of the City of Nauvoo.’” The university was to be governed by “a Board of Trustees, consisting of a Chancellor, Registrar, and twenty three Regents.” On 3 February 1841, JS presented an ordinance to the Nauvoo City Council to organize the university and its board of trustees. After the deaths of regents and in August 1841, the Nauvoo City Council appointed and to replace them on 4 September 1841.
3 February–30 November 1841
Joseph Smith
(served until death, 7 Aug. 1841)
(served until death, 27 Aug. 1841)
Lenos Knight
(appointed 4 Sept. 1841)
(appointed 4 Sept. 1841)
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