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Higbee, Elias


23 Oct. 1795–8 June 1843. Clerk, judge, surveyor. Born at Galloway, Gloucester Co., New Jersey. Son of Isaac Higbee and Sophia Somers. Moved to Clermont Co., Ohio, 1803. Married Sarah Elizabeth Ward, 10 Sept. 1818, in Tate Township, Clermont Co. Lived at Tate Township, 1820. Located at Fulton, Hamilton Co., Ohio, 1830. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, summer 1832, at Jackson Co., Missouri. Ordained an elder by Isaac Higbee, 20 Feb. 1833, at Cincinnati. Migrated to Jackson Co., Apr. 1833. Driven from Jackson Co. into Clay Co., Missouri, Nov. 1833. Ordained a high priest by Orson Pratt, 7 Aug. 1834, in Clay Co. Served mission to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, 1835. Labored on Kirtland temple. Returned to Clay Co. Member of Zion high council in Clay Co., 1836. Moved to what became Caldwell Co., Missouri, spring 1836. Appointed county justice for Caldwell Co., 1837. Appointed presiding judge of court, Aug. 1838. Served on Zion high council in Far West, Caldwell Co., 1837–1838. With John Corrill, appointed a church historian, 6 Apr. 1838, at Far West. Appointed captain general of Society of the Daughter of Zion (Danites), summer 1838. Participated in skirmish at Crooked River, near Ray Co., Missouri, 25 Oct. 1838. Fled Missouri; located at Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, 1839. Member of committee that investigated lands offered for sale by Isaac Galland, 1839. Settled at Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, 1839. Traveled to Washington DC with JS to seek redress for Missouri grievances, Oct. 1839–Mar. 1840. Appointed member of Nauvoo temple building committee, 6 Oct. 1840. Appointed guard in Nauvoo Legion, Mar. 1841. Member of Nauvoo Masonic Lodge. Died at Nauvoo.