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Adams, James


24 Jan. 1783–11 Aug. 1843. Lawyer, judge, insurance agent, land speculator. Born at Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Son of Parmenio Adams and Chloe. In New York militia, served as ensign, 1805; as lieutenant; as captain, 1807; and as major, 1811–1815. Married Harriet Denton, ca. 1809. Moved to Oswego Co., New York. Served in War of 1812. Served as brigadier general in Forty-Eighth Infantry Brigade, 1818–1820. Settled at Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois, 1821. Elected justice of the peace, 1823, at Springfield. Probate judge of Sangamon Co., 1825–1843. Served with Illinois militia in Winnebago War, 1827, and in Black Hawk War, 1831–1832. Worshipful Master of Springfield Masonic Lodge, 1839. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by 1840, at Springfield. Deputy Grand Master of second Grand Masonic Lodge of Illinois, 1840. Regent of University of Nauvoo, 1841, in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois. Ordained a high priest by Hyrum Smith, 2 Oct. 1841, at Nauvoo. Served as branch president, 1842, at Springfield. Ordained a patriarch by JS. Elected probate judge of Hancock Co., 7 Aug. 1843. Died at Nauvoo.