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Hamilton, Artois


15 Aug. 1795–4 July 1873. Farmer, lumber mill operator, land developer, hotelier. Born in Granville, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. Son of Gad Hamilton and Anna Moore. Moved to Johnstown, Montgomery Co., New York, 1822. Married first Atta Bentley, 22 Feb. 1827. Helped form and supervise Bleecker, Montgomery Co., 1832–1834. Moved to Carthage, Hancock Co., Illinois, July 1835, where he owned and operated a hotel. Cleaned and cared for bodies of JS and Hyrum Smith, 27–28 June 1844. Wife died, July 1851. Married second Susan Smith, 11 Apr. 1852, in Hancock Co. Laid out town of Hamilton, Hancock Co., 1855. Died in Carthage.