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Bogart, Samuel


2 Apr. 1797–11 Mar. 1861. Preacher, military officer, farmer. Born in Carter Co., Tennessee. Son of Cornelius Bogart and Elizabeth Moffett. Served in War of 1812. Married Rachel Hammer, 19 May 1818, in Washington Co., Tennessee. Moved to Illinois and became Methodist minister. Served as commissioner in Schuyler Co., Illinois. Served as major in Black Hawk War, 1832. Located at Ray Co., Missouri, mid-1830s. Captain of company of mounted volunteers from Ray Co. during “Mormon War,” 1838; contended with Latter-day Saint militia at skirmish at Crooked River near Ray Co., 25 Oct. 1838. Appointed to arrest Latter-day Saints who participated in skirmish at Crooked River and to summon witnesses for court hearing at Richmond, Ray Co. Elected judge, Nov. 1839, at Caldwell Co., Missouri. Shot and killed opponent’s nephew, Alexander Beatty, during election-day argument; fled to escape prosecution. Settled in Washington Co., Republic of Texas, 1839. Moved to what became Collin Co., Republic of Texas, 1845. Elected to Texas legislature, 1847, 1849, 1851, and 1859. Likely died near McKinney, Collin Co.