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Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri


Settlement located in northwest Missouri. 1835 revelation identified valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman as place where Adam blessed his posterity after leaving Garden of Eden. While seeking new areas in Daviess Co. for settlement, JS and others surveyed site on which to build city centered on bluffs of Grand River near home and ferry of Latter-day Saint Lyman Wight, May 1838. JS announced area as gathering place for Saints, May 1838. First called Spring Hill; renamed May or June 1838 when JS identified area as Adam-ondi-Ahman and place where Adam will return prior to Second Coming (Latter-day Saint nickname was “Diahman”). Large groups of Saints, many from Kirtland, Ohio, began settling there, June 1838. Town connected to Far West by way of Daviess Co. seat, Gallatin, on road built by Saints. Soon became principal Latter-day Saint settlement in Daviess Co. Stake organized, 28 June 1838. Under pressure from vigilantes, Latter-day Saint settlers from outlying areas of Daviess Co. took refuge here. As population of 400 grew to over 1,000, houses filled to overflowing, and many lived in tents and wagons. Responding to threats, able-bodied Latter-day Saint men in area conducted raids from settlement, which served as seat of Latter-day Saint military operations in county, mid-Oct. 1838. After surrender of Far West, state militia arrived at Adam-ondi-Ahman, 8 Nov. 1838, and gave Latter-day Saints ultimatum: evacuate county within ten days, or remain, unarmed and unprotected, subject to vigilante retaliation. Town almost completely abandoned, by 20 Nov. 1838. Originally occupied lands offered at public sale and purchased by local residents, 24 Nov. 1838, part of which became new town of Cravensville, 1839.


Photograph, Matthew Reier, 2000. (© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Adam-ondi-ahman Photograph, Matthew Reier, 2000. (© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Grand River Township
Daviess County
United States of America
Alternate Names
Spring Hill