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Black River, Wisconsin Territory


Rises in Portage Co. (now in Taylor Co.), runs southwest 150 miles through central Wisconsin Territory, and empties into Mississippi River. First lumber mill built on river, 1818. In Sept. 1841, Nauvoo temple committee and trustees of Nauvoo House Association contracted with mill at confluence of Roaring Creek and Black River to provide timber for Nauvoo temple, Nauvoo House, and other public buildings in Nauvoo. Company of laborers left Nauvoo shortly thereafter to work at mills. George Miller sold Latter-day Saint interest in mill and purchased mill complex at Black River Falls, Wisconsin Territory, Dec. 1842. Lyman Wight led company of Latter-day Saint families to settle at falls, 1843. Company returned to Nauvoo, summer 1844, and mills were eventually sold. See also “Pine Country, Wisconsin Territory.”


Wisconsin Territory (now state)
United States of America