A term used in the Book of Mormon to refer to the descendants or followers of Laman, as well as those who later identified themselves as Lamanites because they did not believe in the religious traditions of their ancestors. According to JS and the Book of Mormon, Lehi and Sariah, Nephi’s parents, and their family migrated from Jerusalem to America around 600 BC. After Lehi’s death, his family divided into two main groups, one led by Laman and the other by his younger brother Nephi. These two main groups were called Lamanites and Nephites, respectively. The Lamanites and others who did not belong to the church of God were the only people who survived the final battles described in the Book of Mormon. Early church members viewed contemporary American Indian tribes as the descendants of the Lamanites. Since the Book of Mormon was written in part “to the Lamanites,” some of the first missionaries were sent to preach the gospel and establish the church among the American Indians. See also “.”