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Doniphan, Alexander William


9 July 1808–8 Aug. 1887. Lawyer, military general, insurance/bank executive. Born near Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky. Son of Joseph Doniphan and Ann Smith. Father died, 1813; sent to live with older brother George, 1815, in Augusta, Bracken Co., Kentucky.Attended Augusta College, 1822–1826. Studied law in office of jurist Martin Marshall in Augusta. Passed Kentucky and Ohio bar examinations, 1829. Located at St. Louis, Mar. 1830. Moved to Lexington, Lafayette Co., Missouri, and opened law office there, 1830. Moved to Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri, 1833. Employed as legal counsel by Latter-day Saints during their expulsion from Jackson Co., Missouri, 1833. Elected to Missouri General Assembly representing Clay Co., 1836, 1840, and 1854. Married Elizabeth Jane Thornton, 21 Dec. 1837. Appointed brigadier general in state militia. Prevented intended execution of JS and other church leaders at Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, Nov. 1838. Again defended JS and others in courts, 1838–1839. Served in Mexican War, 1846–1847. Returned to Liberty. Moved to St. Louis, 1863. Moved to Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri, ca. 1869. Died at Richmond.


(Church History Library, Salt Lake City.)

Alexander Doniphan (Church History Library, Salt Lake City.)

Alexander Doniphan
Alexander Doniphan