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Shumway, Charles


2 Aug. 1806–21 May 1898. Policeman, carpenter, politician, farmer, miller. Born in Oxford, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. Son of Parley Shumway and Polly Johnson. Moved to Brimfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts, by 1820. Moved to Southbridge, Worcester Co., by 1832. Married Julia Ann Hooker, 26 Mar. 1832, in Sturbridge, Worcester Co. Moved to Illinois, ca. 1837. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Elisha Groves, 1841. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, ca. 1841. Resided in Nauvoo Third Ward, ca. 1842. Served mission to Cherokee Nation with Phineas Young. Served mission to Massachusetts with Daniel Spencer. Policeman in Nauvoo. Ordained a seventy, by 16 Dec. 1845. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 11 Apr. 1845. Left Nauvoo on assignment from Council of Fifty to attend council of Indian chiefs in Indian Territory, Apr. 1845. Helped establish Winter Quarters, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska), 1846. Migrated with Brigham Young pioneer company to Salt Lake Valley, 1847. Helped lead company of Saints to Sanpete Valley, unorganized U.S. territory (later in Sanpete Co., Utah Territory), Nov. 1849, where they settled what became Manti. Bishop of Manti ward. Built first sawmill in Sanpete Co., ca. 1849. Represented Sanpete Co. in Utah territorial legislature, 1851. Constructed sawmill in Payson, Utah Co., Utah Territory, ca. 1854. Moved to South Cottonwood (later Murray), Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory, 1854. Served mission to Canada, 1857. Moved to Wellsville, Cache Co., Utah Territory, 1859. Moved to Mendon, Cache Co. Among directors of branch of Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution in Mendon, 1869. Moved to Kane Co., Utah Territory, 1877. Moved to Taylor, Apache Co., Arizona Territory, ca. 1879. Member of Snowflake stake high council, in Apache Co. Erected gristmill in what became Shumway, Apache Co., 1880. Served as a patriarch. Died in Shumway.


1867, photograph by Edward Martin (Church History Library, Salt Lake City).

Charles Shumway 1867, photograph by Edward Martin (Church History Library, Salt Lake City).