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Hale, Jonathan Harriman


1 Feb. 1800–4 Sept. 1846. Butcher, school director, assessor. Born in Bradford, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Son of Soloman Hale and Martha Harriman. Married Olive Boynton, 5 Sept. 1825, in Bradford. Moved to Dover, Strafford Co., New Hampshire, between June 1830 and June 1834. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 13 June 1834, in Dover. Ordained an elder by Gladden Bishop, Aug. 1834, in Dover. Presided over Dover branch, Aug. 1834–Sept. 1835. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, July 1836. Stockholder in Kirtland Safety Society. Labored on Kirtland temple. Ordained a seventy, by Hazen Aldrich, 3 Jan. 1837, in Kirtland. Served mission with Wilford Woodruff to Upper Canada and Fox Islands, Maine, 31 May 1837–29 Oct. 1837. Served mission with Amos B. Fuller to southern Ohio, 2 Jan.–Mar. 1838. Moved to Daviess Co., Missouri, July 1838. Resided at various church settlements in Missouri before being expelled and settling in Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, 15 Feb. 1839. Served mission to Indiana and Kentucky, Dec. 1839–Feb. 1840. Moved to Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, Feb. 1840. Ordained a high priest, 6 Apr. 1841, in Nauvoo. Served as counselor to Bishop Newel K. Whitney, beginning Apr. 1841. Member of Nauvoo Legion. Served as bishop of Nauvoo Ninth Ward, beginning Aug. 1842. Appointed a city assessor and collector by Nauvoo City Council, 26 Nov. 1842. Appointed assistant temple recorder, 30 July 1843. Moved to what became Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, 1846. Appointed to Council Bluffs high council, 1846. Died at Council Bluffs.