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Brown, Uriah


9 May 1784–22 Mar. 1853. Laborer, inventor. Born in Connecticut. Married Mary Perry, 3 Dec. 1805, in Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Massachusetts. Publicly demonstrated his invention of ironclad warships that propelled liquid fire, 1814, in Baltimore. Petitioned U.S. Congress to purchase his invention of liquid fire, 1827–1828. Moved to Rushville, Schuyler Co., Illinois, by Dec. 1842. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 19 Mar. 1844; one of three men admitted to council by JS who were not Latter-day Saints. Rejected from council, 4 Feb. 1845. Offered to sell his invention of liquid fire to Brigham Young, 3 Nov. 1845. Again petitioned Congress to adopt invention, 1847. Lived at Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, 1850. Traveled to Utah and offered to sell invention to Council of Fifty but rejected an offer to settle in Utah, 1851.