Nauvoo temple committee


A committee assigned to raise funds and direct the building of the Nauvoo temple; also called the building committee or temple building committee. On 3 October 1840, Alpheus Cutler, Reynolds Cahoon, and Elias Higbee were appointed as a committee responsible for managing the construction of the Nauvoo temple. JS, as trustee-in-trust for the church, supervised the committee’s efforts. Tithing donations to the church—both goods and labor—were used for temple construction. Tithing donations were initially managed by the temple committee, but by December 1842 JS decided to have the trustee’s office manage the recording and distribution of tithing donations. The committee secured building materials for the temple through the church’s Wisconsin lumbering operation, which the committee and the Nauvoo House Association were jointly responsible for overseeing. The committee also managed the temple store.