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Woods, James


Ca. 1800–1886. Lawyer. Born near Boston, in Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Son of Nehemiah Woods and Mary. Moved to Lincoln, Grafton Co., Massachusetts, by Feb. 1802. Moved to Virginia, 1824. Admitted to bar, 1827, in Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., Virginia (later in West Virginia). Moved to Wisconsin Territory, 1833, and settled in what later became Burlington, Des Moines Co., Iowa. Practiced law in Illinois and Iowa Territory. Married first Catharine C. Wells, 14 Aug. 1836, in Hancock Co., Illinois. Appointed first city solicitor for Burlington, 1837. Appointed first district attorney for Muscatine Co., Wisconsin Territory (later in Iowa), Apr. 1837. Served as secretary for Iowa territorial legislature, 1841–1842. Served as legal counsel for JS and Hyrum Smith, June 1844. Gave account of events surrounding JS’s and Hyrum’s murders published in Times and Seasons, 1 July 1844. After death of JS, served as legal counsel for Emma Smith. Served as secretary of Iowa Senate, 1846–1847, and clerk of Iowa Supreme Court, 1847–1854. Married second Adaline Wallen, 13 Aug. 1864, in Hardin Co., Iowa. Moved to Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa, 1868. Moved to Steamboat Rock, Hardin Co., by 1882. Died in Steamboat Rock. Buried in Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington.