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House of the Lord (planned site), Far West, Missouri


Plans for Far West included temple on central block. Latter-day Saints in Caldwell Co. made preparations for construction and commenced excavating for foundation, 3 July 1837. However, while visiting Latter-day Saints in Far West, 6 Nov. 1837, JS gave instructions to postpone work on temple until “the Lord shall reveal it to be his will to be commenced.” JS revelation, dated 26 Apr. 1838, directed that temple be built. According to John W. Rigdon, son of Sidney Rigdon, Far West temple was to have been similar to Kirtland temple in function, including lower floor auditorium and upper floor to be used for school. Excavation for foundation was reportedly 120 x 80 feet and 5 feet deep. Cornerstones of temple laid at northeast corner of public square, 4 July 1838. Foundation not completed when Saints expelled from state, Nov. 1838–Apr. 1839. Quorum of the Twelve Apostles commanded in July 1838 revelation to depart on overseas mission from temple site on 26 Apr. 1839. The Twelve returned to Far West on that date to officially commence mission to England. See also glossary listing for “.”


Rockford Township (now in Mirabile Township)
Far West
Caldwell County
United States of America