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Masonic hall, Nauvoo, Illinois


Illinois lodge Grand Master Abraham Jonas granted dispensation to establish Nauvoo lodge, 15 Oct. 1841. First lodge meeting held, 29–30 Dec. 1841, in Hyrum Smith’s office. Installation ceremonies held, 15–16 Mar. 1842. Prior to eventual dedication of Masonic hall, Nauvoo lodge also met in other locations. Meetings were held on upper floor of JS’s red brick store in large room frequently referred to as lodge room, beginning 1842. Nauvoo lodge also met on upper floor of Henry Miller’s home, by Mar. 1844. Alexander Mills’s tavern was referred to as Alexander Mills’s Masonic Hall Tavern, but no known evidence indicates that Nauvoo lodge used tavern for regular meetings, only for informal gatherings. Cornerstone for Masonic hall laid at corner of Main and White streets, 24 June 1843; structure consisted of three stories and a basement; building dedicated, 5 Apr. 1844. Top floor reserved specifically for Masonic activities. Remainder of building used for concerts, theater productions, community meetings, funerals, trials, etc.


Hancock County
United States of America