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Ray County, Missouri


Located in northwestern Missouri. Area settled, 1815. Created from Howard Co., 1820. Initially included all state land north of Missouri River and west of Grand River. Population in 1830 about 2,700; in 1836 about 6,600; and in 1840 about 6,600. Latter-day Saints who were driven from homes in Jackson Co., Missouri, 1833, moved northward across Missouri River and took refuge in Ray and other counties. Camp of Israel passed through Ray Co., June 1834. Missouri legislature created Caldwell and Daviess counties from Ray Co., 29 Dec. 1836. In attempt to rescue Latter-day Saint prisoners, Caldwell Co. militia contended with Ray Co. militia at Crooked River in unorganized territory attached to Ray Co., 25 Oct. 1838. JS and about sixty other Latter-day Saint men were incarcerated in Richmond, Ray Co., jails to await hearings on charges related to “Mormon War,” Nov. 1838.


Ray County
United States of America