Church Officers in Zion (Missouri), October 1835–January 1838

The following charts list local ecclesiastical leadership of the Church of the Latter Day Saints in northwestern , or Zion, between October 1835 and January 1838. During the period covered by this chronology, the presiding officers of the church in Missouri moved from to . Many of the charts reflect important changes to these organizations during this period.
Presidency of the High Council
In July 1834, a meeting of high priests organized a high council in , designating , , and as the presidency of that council and twelve men as counselors. The president of the high council, David Whitmer, was also designated the “President of the Church in Zion.” The composition of the presidency remained the same until 1838. In January 1838, the high council members expressed concern with the actions of the presidency and ultimately determined that they could “no longer recieve them as presidents.” During meetings of a general assembly held between 5 and 9 February, the presidency was rejected; a body composed of the high council and bishop’s council then appointed apostles and as presidents pro tempore.
3 July 1834 10 February 1838
, president , president pro tempore
, assistant president , president pro tempore
, assistant president
High Council
The high council was organized in July 1834. Patterned after the high council, the high council in Missouri was specifically responsible for the regulation of “all the affairs of Zion.” On 6 January 1836, men were appointed to the council to replace , who had died, and those who had been ordained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, including , , , and . was apparently made a president over the council sometime before 3 March 1836. On 1 August 1837, replaced , who had been cut off from the high council the previous May; was also appointed to the council following the death of The members of the high council were presented at a church conference in in November 1837, and all were approved to retain their position.
3 July 1834 circa 6 January 1836 7 November 1837
was ordained patriarch in on 7 November 1837.
7 November 1837
was appointed as the church’s first bishop in February 1831, and and were ordained assistants to the bishop in June 1831. After relocating to in summer 1831, all three members of the Missouri bishopric remained in their positions until late spring 1837. On 22 May 1837, John Corrill was nominated as “an agent to the Church and Keeper of the Lords’, store House.” On 1 August 1837, the Missouri presidency and high council voted “unanimously that be a Bishop’s Counsellor instead of John Corrill.” During a November 1837 reorganization of the church in Missouri, Partridge, Morley, and Billings were unanimously approved.
Summer 1831 7 November 1837
, bishop , bishop
Quorum of High Priests and Quorum of Elders
Though the offices of elder and high priest had existed in the church since the early 1830s, it appears that the quorum of the elders and the quorum of the high priests were not officially organized in until August 1837. During a 1 August meeting, the Missouri presidency “appointed the 15th inst. for the High Priests and Elders to meet and choose their respective Presidents.” Sometime before 20 August 1837, was “duly elected a president of the High priesthood in Zion and was ordained to that office under the hand of and presidents.” During the same meeting, Harvey Green was elected “to the presidency of Elders in Mo.” The high priests and elders quorums were organized shortly after that date. Both Rich and Green remained as the heads of their respective quorums through the end of the time period covered in this volume.
Presidency of Quorum of High Priests
Before 20 August 1837
, president
Presidency of Quorum of Elders
Before 20 August 1837
Harvey Green, president