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Carter, Jared


14 June 1801–6 July 1849. Born at Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Son of Gideon Carter and Johanna Sims. Moved to Benson, Rutland Co., Vermont, by 1810. Married Lydia Ames, 20 Sept. 1823, at Benson. Moved to Chenango, Broome Co., New York, by Jan. 1831. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Hyrum Smith, 20 Feb. 1831, in Colesville, Broome Co. Moved with Colesville branch to Thompson, Geauga Co., Ohio, May 1831. Ordained a priest, June 1831. Ordained an elder, Sept. 1831. Appointed to serve missions to eastern U.S., 22 Sept. 1831 and 12 Mar. 1832. Left to serve mission to Michigan Territory, Dec. 1832. Appointed to serve mission to eastern U.S., Mar. 1833. Ordained a high priest, by May 1833. Appointed to obtain funds for Elders School, 4 May 1833. Member of Kirtland temple building committee, 1833. Appointed to first Kirtland high council, 17 Feb. 1834. Appointed to serve mission to Upper Canada, 20 Feb. 1834. Labored on Kirtland temple. Stockholder in Kirtland Safety Society. Appointed president of Kirtland high council, 9 Sept. 1837. Removed family to Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, 1837. Appointed member of Far West high council, 3 Mar. 1838. Appointed captain general of Society of the Daughter of Zion (Danites) but was soon demoted, summer 1838. Moved from Far West to Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, 1839. Member of Nauvoo Masonic Lodge. Affiliated with James J. Strang’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1846. Excommunicated from Strangite movement, 8 Nov. 1846. Returned to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By June 1849, moved to DeKalb Co., Illinois, where he died.