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Warren, Calvin Averill


3 June 1807–22 Feb. 1881. Lawyer. Born in Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New York. Lived at Hamilton Co., Ohio, 1832. Moved to Batavia, Clermont Co., Ohio, by 1835. Married first Viola A. Morris, 25 May 1835, at Batavia. Moved to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, 1836; to Warsaw, Hancock Co., Illinois, 1837; and back to Quincy, 1839. Advised JS and other church members on bankruptcy cases, 1842. Identified by Jacob B. Backenstos as member of mob that killed JS and Hyrum Smith, 1844, at Carthage, Hancock Co.; served as counsel for defense of those tried for murder of JS, 1845. Married second Harriet W. Robbins Frierson, 30 Aug. 1849, in Adams Co. Married third Wady Ann Boswell, 25 Jan. 1866, in Adams Co. Moved to Melrose Township, Adams Co., 1880. Died in Melrose Township.