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Smith, Jeremiah


Ca. 1788–after 1860. Miller. Born in Pennsylvania. Married Rhoda Hedges, ca. 20 Feb. 1814. Moved to near Oquawka, Warren Co., Illinois, by 1828; built gristmill and sawmill, ca. 1828. Moved to Des Moines Co., Iowa Territory, ca. 1834. Licensed to establish ferry across Iowa River in Louisa Co., Iowa Territory, 1837. Contracted with U.S. Indian agent to build gristmill over Sugar Creek, near present-day Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa, and another on Soap Creek, Des Moines Co., 1 June 1838. Appointed to operate mill in Appanoose Co., Iowa Territory, by Iowa territorial governor, 9 May 1839. Removed from mill by new Indian agent and was denied payment for services and repairs, Sept. 1840. Traveled to Washington DC to plead for payment, Aug. 1842 and Mar. 1843. While in Washington DC, received payment of $4,000 for bill of another Jeremiah Smith of Iowa Territory, 28 Mar. 1843. Arrested for fraud; case dismissed, Feb. 1844. Arrested twice in Nauvoo, May 1844, after second and third warrants were issued. Appealed to Nauvoo Municipal Court for writs of habeas corpus and was later discharged, 30 May 1844. Appeared before U.S. district judge Nathaniel Pope, June 1844, after he was ordered to stand trial in Washington DC. Went to Burlington, Des Moines Co., by 17 June 1844. Moved to Polk Co., Iowa, by 1850. Moved to Huron Township, Des Moines Co., by 1860.