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Richards, Phineas Howe


15 Nov. 1788–25 Nov. 1874. Cabinetmaker, joiner, carpenter, botanic physician. Born at Framingham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Son of Joseph Richards and Rhoda Howe. Served as sergeant major during War of 1812. Married Wealthy Dewey, 24 Feb. 1818. Moved to Richmond, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, 1818. Appointed Berkshire Co. coroner, 1825. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, May 1837. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Brigham Young, 13 June 1837, at Kirtland. Ordained a high priest by JS, Joseph Smith Sr., and Sidney Rigdon, Sept. 1837. Appointed to Kirtland high council, 3 Sept. 1837. Began serving mission to eastern states, Nov. 1837. Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, 1843. Appointed to Nauvoo City Council, 29 Apr. 1844. Appointed to Nauvoo high council, 23 Nov. 1844. Member of Nauvoo Legion. Arrived in Salt Lake Valley with Willard Richards company, 19 Oct. 1848. Member of Salt Lake high council and of Utah territorial legislature. Served colonizing mission to Sanpete Co., Utah Territory, where he served as a bishop’s counselor. Returned to Salt Lake City, where he died.