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Independence, Missouri


Located twelve miles from western Missouri border. Permanently settled, platted, and designated county seat, 1827. Hub for steamboat travel on Missouri River. Point of departure for Santa Fe Trail. Population in 1831 about 300. Latter-day Saint population by summer 1833 about 200. Oliver Cowdery and other missionaries arrived in area, by Jan. 1831, and proselytized among American Indians living nearby. JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, designated area as “,” gathering place for Saints, and location of future temple. Revelation commanded Saints to purchase land for temple, storehouse, and printing press; storehouse and printing press established, by 1832. Growing Latter-day Saint presence opposed by earlier settlers. Mob violence erupted, July 1833. Gilbert and Whitney store vandalized, printing office destroyed, and Bishop Edward Partridge and Charles Allen tarred and feathered. Saints expelled from area by prior settlers, Nov. 1833.


(Church History Library, Salt Lake City. Photograph by Rinehard and Co.)

Artist’s depiction of the destruction of the Evening and the Morning Star printing office (Church History Library, Salt Lake City. Photograph by Rinehard and Co.)

Blue Township
Jackson County
United States of America