Church Officers in the Kirtland Stake, October 1835–January 1838

The following charts list local ecclesiastical leadership of the Church of the Latter Day Saints in the “stake of Zion” at Kirtland, Ohio, between October 1835 and January 1838. Many of the charts reflect important changes to these organizations during this period.
Presidency of the High Council
The high council, consisting of a three-person presidency and twelve counselors, was organized on 17 February 1834. The council was responsible for conducting disciplinary proceedings, making administrative decisions, and “settleing important difficulties which might arise in the church, which could not be settled by the Church, or the bishop’s council to the satisfaction of the parties.” The presidency of the high council, organized on the same date, was composed of the church’s general presidency, and its members did not change until late 1837. During a 7 November 1837 general assembly in , was replaced by in the general church presidency; he presumably lost his place in the presidency of the high council at the same time. In mid-January 1838, JS and departed Kirtland and relocated to , Missouri. Around this time, , , and were appointed as the presidency of the high council in Kirtland.
17 February 1834 31 January 1838
Joseph Smith Jr.
High Council
After it was organized on 17 February 1834, the high council underwent two changes later that year: in August, replaced , who had died during the expedition, and in September, replaced , who faced discipline for misconduct in the Camp of Israel. On 13 January 1836, several members of the council—including , , , , and Hyrum Smith—were “called to fill other offices” and thus replaced. Sometime before 21 January 1836, was appointed president of the Kirtland high council. Another major reorganization of the Kirtland high council occurred on 3 September 1837, when eight members were removed, some of whom had been associated with dissent.
17 February 1834 13 January 1836 3 September 1837 31 January 1838
A December 1831 revelation directed that be appointed and ordained bishop of the church in ; two months later, and were ordained as his counselors. Even though Hyrum Smith was ordained as an assistant president in the church presidency in December 1834, it appears he continued in his capacity as a counselor in the bishopric until January 1836, when was appointed to replace him. Reynolds Cahoon, and possibly Vinson Knight, left to move to sometime in January 1838. Whitney continued to act as bishop in Kirtland until he left for Missouri in fall 1838.
By 10 February 1832 13 January 1836 31 January 1838
, bishop , bishop , bishop
Quorum of High Priests and Quorum of Elders
Though the offices of elder and high priest had existed in the church since the early 1830s, the quorum of the elders and the quorum of the high priests were not officially organized in until January 1836. During a 15 January 1836 grand council meeting in which church leaders “organized the authorities of the church,” was selected and ordained as president of the Kirtland high priests quorum; was subsequently chosen and ordained as president of the elders quorum. Beman chose and to be his first and second counselors during a meeting on 25 January 1836, after which he “organized the quorum according to age, and [took] their names.” Don Carlos Smith’s counselors were selected around the same time, though extant records do not reveal their identities. On 27 November 1837, nominated Reuben Hedlock to preside over the elders quorum after Beman passed away. Presumably then became Hedlock’s first counselor. Two days after Hedlock’s appointment, was ordained as his second counselor.
Following the church presidency’s departure from in mid-January 1838, the elders quorum, led by , , and , remained in Kirtland and continued to meet regularly until at least mid-September 1841. also remained in Kirtland until early May 1838.
Presidency of Quorum of High Priests
By 28 January 1836 31 January 1838
, president , president
Unidentified counselors Unidentified counselors
Presidency of Quorum of Elders
By 25 January 1836 31 January 1838
, president , president