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Boggs, Lilburn Williams


14 Dec. 1796–14 Mar. 1860. Bookkeeper, bank cashier, merchant, Indian agent and trader, lawyer, doctor, postmaster, politician. Born at Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky. Son of John M. Boggs and Martha Oliver. Served in War of 1812. Moved to St. Louis, ca. 1816, and engaged in business. Married first Julia Ann Bent, July 1817, at St. Louis. Moved to Franklin, Howard Co., Missouri Territory, 1817; to Fort Osage, Howard Co., ca. 1818; back to St. Louis, 1820; and back to Fort Osage, spring 1821. Wife died, 21 Sept. 1820. Married second Panthea Grant Boone, July 1823. Moved to Harmony Mission (Indian mission for Great Osage Nation; later near Papinville, Bates Co.), Missouri, by 1824. Located at Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, 1826; elected to state senate on Democratic ticket, 1826, 1828. Elected lieutenant governor, 1832. Became governor upon resignation of predecessor, Daniel Dunklin, 1836, and served through 1840. Moved to Jefferson City, Cole Co., Missouri, 1836. Authorized 1838 expulsion of Latter-day Saints from Missouri under what was termed his “extermination order.” Returned to Independence, before 1842. Severely wounded by would-be assassin, 6 May 1842; accused JS of complicity with Orrin Porter Rockwell in perpetrating the crime. Returned to Jefferson City, 1842. Served in state senate, 1842–1846. Moved to Cass Co., Missouri, by 1843; returned to Independence, by 1845. Migrated to Sonoma, Mexico (later in Sonoma Co., California), 1846. In 1852, moved to Napa Valley, Napa Co., California, where he died.


(Church History Library, Salt Lake City.)

Lilburn W. Boggs (Church History Library, Salt Lake City.)

Lilburn W. Boggs
Lilburn W. Boggs