Journal, 1832–1834

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<​Evening​> held a meeting at a had a great congregation paid good attention Oh God Seal our te[s]timony to their hearts Amen continued at untill tuesday the 8th Journeyed that day to at taried there over night came the next day to a tavern the next day thursday the 10th we ar[ri]ved at es at the breatheren by a previous appointment met there for meeting we spake to them as the spirite gave [p. 6]
evening held a meeting at Brother ’s. Had a great congregation, paid good attention . O God , seal our testimony to their hearts. Amen. Continued at Springfield until Tuesday the 8th. Journeyed that day to Brother ’s at . Tarried there overnight, came the next day to a tavern. The next day, Thursday the 10th, we arrived at ’s at . The brethren, by a previous appointment, met there for meeting . We spoke to them as the Spirit gave [p. 6]
Page 6